About us

About us

La Boutique del Sapore is a family business, it is a small company, and it is a project born of passion. From the passion towards the world of food, the world of gastronomy, towards the excellence and quality that the Italian territory (and not ...) is able to offer. We have exceptional, excellent products and we are trying to select them to fully express quality and Italianness.

Our products are first selected with the palate because the first fundamental thing for a food is that it is good. And, secondly, it is the choice of raw materials, the see that the product contains raw materials that we believe are good and healthy. Most of our Products are certified organic.

Particular attention has been paid to the world of children, this is a bit of a personal deformation because we have children and we believe that eating healthy products to which chemistry is present in a small part or absolutely absent can only be a positive thing.

The process of selecting suppliers is a very important thing for us, indeed it is the fundamental part of our work. Suffice it to say that from the moment we had the idea to the moment when the company really has started, several years have passed. For the most part, it took us years to select suppliers. Of course, they are all certified and in all cases we have the certainty - not so much of the product - but of the person behind the product, this is the fundamental choice. People must be chosen.

Why choose our products? Because they are good, because they are healthy, because they are above all Italians. We think that believing in certain values ​​and being able to transmit them is one of the most beautiful things and gives more satisfaction, so the work becomes passion, becomes pleasure, becomes partnership. We are happy when our customers appreciate our products, when we receive compliments. Naturally, we also accept criticism because they help us to grow more and more.

Let the food be your medicine and your medicine be the food.

We often hear that what is good hurts and is not healthy. With equal frequency we talk about organic food as healthy, but not very pleasant to taste. We wish to debunk these false myths, stating with determination that our biological products are good and healthy.

In addition, La Boutique del Sapore loves Italy, hence our appreciation of Made in Italy, through one of the most important and quality sectors that our country proposes: the agri-food sector. An agri-food industry strongly oriented towards respecting the environment in which we live, the land we cultivate and which gives us its fruits and to which we must respect not only for ourselves but above all for future generations.

Most of the organic foods we offer are of Italian production, where possible also with national raw materials, with a representative range of the peculiar characteristics of our territoriality, but also combining elements not very well known and not used, but rich in beneficial properties. A careful selection of producers and a direct relationship with them give us peace of mind on the supply chain of raw materials used.

The processing is almost exclusively of an artisan type, with particular care and attention to every phase of the production cycle.
With our products you can have on your tables in a few minutes a good, healthy and nutritious food, to rediscover the pleasure of taste and quality.